Scot Broughton Architects



Established in 2003 Scot Broughton Architects is a boutique architecture firm based in Basalt, Colorado specializing in modern, transitional, and traditional mountain architecture. Practicing for over 25 years primary focus has been in Colorado with other projects ranging from New Mexico, Arkansas, Maryland, and California.

Inspired by innovation in design, the craft of construction, and a collaborative approach that places clients’ needs at the center of the design process, Scot Broughton Architects strives to produce quality projects with exceptional service and professionalism. SBA brings a wide range of experience and technical expertise to provide architectural services from conceptual design, through construction documents, and the construction process. Our work includes reviewing proposed sites, developing architectural programs, taking projects through the planning and zoning process, design of facilities, and seeing them through construction. Experience with local jurisdictions entities is diverse.

The primary goal of SBA is to listen to the needs of the client to achieve results that have a cohesive alignment of architecture, finishes, furnishings, and the natural surroundings.


Scot Broughton Architects is a small firm committed to the exploration of authentic work focused on expressing the individuality of each project. Specializing in custom residential and small commercial design. SBA is interested in pursuing research into environmental practices, sustainable building techniques, systems and materials, as well as rigorously examining the physical, social, and environmental context.


SBA’s approach cannot be categorized as practicing a singular style, as design springs from the unique qualities of a particular site, and the singular characteristics of each client. Structural expression, readability of form, truth of materials, and rigorous detail combine to transcend program and budget to excite the senses and lift the spirit.


SBA’s office operates more as a studio that is committed to working collaboratively with a team of professionals by empowering individuals to participate in the design, and building processes. A primary goal is to work hard to listen to each client. It is the client’s program, budget, and site, which are the influences that will drive the design. “It takes a village”, and the client is the most vital team member. The collaborative process allows team members to expand their design sensibilities, and have ownership.